Brakes at Mototec

With a wealth of experience in this are of motoring, Mototec are the people to visit.

Brake judder is a common occurence in modern motor vehicles.

This can vary from a mild annoyance to violent vibration which apart from the obvious dangers can cause unseen damage to suspension systems. Ball joints , steering linkages, wheel bearings, mountings and bushes can all have excessively reduced service life. This problem can now be cured with specialised equipment and accurate machining.

Brake Judder is the result of:

• Excessive run out (warp) of the disc which allows it to run out of line with the caliper and brake pads.

• DTV (thickness variation) this is brought on by segments of case hardening or corrosion on the surface of the disc which in turn leads to uneven wear.

Lowered brake efficiency means inadequate safety levels. Today’s congested high speed driving conditions require maximum performance from your braking system which we can ensure from our state of the art equipment. The disc aligner is fixed directly to the hub using its caliper mounts. Both sides of the disc are then machined simultaneously. The end result is that hub, disc and brake pads are all in perfect alignment and you can go away knowing your brakes are 100% efficient.

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